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Quote of the Day

Posted June 22, 2006 by bulldawgy
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Steve Camp has culled out two very nice quotes for our Thursday version of Compare and Contrast. Enjoy.

Steve Camp's Blog

Previously on 24

Posted June 20, 2006 by bulldawgy
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The Gadfly has a very interesting post you should read.  It is rather lengthy, but very telling.  If you have 15 minutes, read it and enjoy.

What Would Jack Bauer Do? 

You Have Got To Be Kidding

Posted June 16, 2006 by bulldawgy
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Here is yet another example of the lunacy rampant in our cultures.

Love to the Lobster

Maybe the pro-baby murder abortionists are just trying to save those babies from children tapping on the expectant mom's belly.


Lest Anyone Should Wonder

Posted June 14, 2006 by bulldawgy
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Let it be known that the official position of this blogger is that God is the author and creator of life. He, by His Sovereign design, determines when life begins and when life ends. To that end, the act of aborting an unborn child in all instances where the life of the mother is not endangered is a sin – akin to murder.

Wherein the mother's life is endangered, all diligence in prayer should be sought, beseeching the mercies of God upon the mother and child to provide an alternative which will allow both to live. In the extremely rare instances where this prayer is not granted, and should the defense of the mother's life be chosen, the hand of mankind should tread lightly, and with fear of our Lord, in defense of the mother.

I am unashamedly pro-life and anti-abortion.

Just in case anyone should wonder.

Please pray…

Posted June 9, 2006 by bulldawgy
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Our boy Schultzie's brother-in-law (Tracy's little brother) was involved in a serious motorcycle accident.  He is on his way to Grady Hospital, if he has not already arrived.  I do not know his condition.

He is a brave young man who recently served in Iraq.  His wife was also involved in the accident – she is not at Grady – but at another hospital – and I believe her condition is not as serious.

Please pray for Tracy's brother Matt.  Pray for healing, for his comfort, for Tracy's comfort, pray for his wife, pray that the body of Christ will come together for them during this time – and that the glory of the Lord would be seen in what is to us a horrible circumstance.

Kevin and Tracy, we love you – you are in our thoughts and prayers. 

Who Should Deal With It

Posted June 5, 2006 by bulldawgy
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The "it" is the legal issue of "gay marriage". I put the term in quotes because I simply do not believe in any practical or real sense of the word that it is possible. Marriage, which has been ordained by God, simply cannot be accomplished by two dudes or two gals. It is impossible.

They can enter into a binding contract that is recognized by local, state or federal law – but it will not be marriage. Some 'civilized' folk like to call this a 'civil union'. Alright, go ahead an make yourself happy, if that will do it.

Alan, the Calvinist Gadfly, turned me on to this blog by Lashawn Barber.  It is a primarily political blog.  I likey. 

My question for you is – if we (or you) believe that the government should regulate "gay marriage" (i.e. outlaw it), then which government should do it? There are really only three choices:

1. The Federal Government – which will could accomplish this through an amendment to the United States Constitution. The primary benefit – judges at the federal and state level would be prevented from thwarting the will of the people in creating a law. In case you are not aware, a Fulton County Superior Court judge recently declared Georgia's definition of a marriage as being between a man and a woman as 'unconstitutional'. I believe that popular support for this referendum was around 70% – but what right do people have to create laws for their own and societal's well being – right?

2. State Governments – Should state governments be allowed to make the determination on a state by state basis as to whether or not 'two dudes wanting to enter matrimonial bliss' is legal?

3. Who cares – maybe you just don't really care…. and think that if gays want to "marry" we should let 'em.

Guiroo and I had a discussion regarding how Christians view and treat the sin of homosexuality a few months back. It was enlightening to me, in that I really realized how difficult it is for me to 'forgive' that sin – or even to see the value of sharing the gospel with a homosexual. What a sin on my part!

So, I am not saying I am there yet – and not condoning continued homosexual activity after someone places their faith in Christ – but I suspect that a lot of us have a great amount of disdain and disgust for this sin. Here's to praying that we would have the same level of disgust for all known sin in our lives.

So, what say you folk. Pick one of the three and tell me why.