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Like a College Kid with a Bar Tab

February 27, 2006

I guess some of you folks may think that Pat Buchannan is just an embarrasment from the 90’s. Actually, I thought he was pretty much right on and voted for him in the 2000 Presidential Primaries. In the attached article, he provides what I consider to be a sobering and very realistic assessment of the 2006 economic landscape.

I know that most of you guys aren’t economic wildcats and probably would rather pluck your eyebrows with a chainsaw. But what he says is technically accurate.

Pat Buchannan’s take on the Economy

Then again, did any of you bite on Larry Burkett’s The Coming Economic Earthquake from the early 90’s? Suh-wing, miss!


If People Keep Coming, How Much Do We Spend??

February 22, 2006

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….. I attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, in Fort Worth, Texas. Who’d a thunk it, right? Back then, SWBTS was considered the conservative theological stalwart of the Southern Baptist Convention. If you were a serious Christian, who wanted to be a serious conservative minister – SWBTS was the place for you.

I did not graduate. But they send me these nifty magazines each month: Southwestern News.

I was noodling through the Winter 2006 edition a few weeks back and came across an article entitled: Modern Church in Need of Reformation. The article was by Gregory Tomlin – and speaks of a sermon given by Associate Professor of Historical Theology Jason Lee.

Lee, who was preaching during the seminary’s annual Reformation Day Chapel (notice it’s not the Halloween chapel) said the following:

“The church is in need of a new Reformation just like the first one that swept across Europe in 1517…anything that is added to faith in Christ replaces Christ’s merit and puts us in jeopardy of our just reward of punishment.”

He offered these five theses (just 90 short of Martin Luther) to help recapture a proper understanding of the doctrine of salvation and the purpose of the church:

  1. Preaching must center on the gospel of Jesus Christ and the need for faith – it must not center on self-help.
  2. Preaching must be consumed with the Bible and not topical sermons.
  3. Pastors should avoid the temptation of seeing bigger as better. He said he finds it troublesome tha pastors or a pastoral team will attempt to shepherd a flock when they do not know where half the sheep are and when they don’t know the names of 60% of those who do attend on a regular basis.
  4. Pastors and ministers should truly equip the saints to do the work of the ministry so that they can experience the maturity that comes as each part does its part (ref. Eph. 4).
  5. Now is the time for American Christianity to influence the world for Christ.

And finally he said this:

“We can spend our time, money and energy constructing affluent church buildings, but I have been to the great cathedrals of both Protestant and Catholic in Europe. Those cathedrals are empty. How did they spend their days of affluence? How will we spend ours?”

Do you agree with the assessment that the modern church is in need of reformation – like that of the sixteenth century?

And now to the surface for a sip of air….

February 14, 2006

Whew!  Lots of work to do this time of year.  If anyone ever wants to experience the wonderful world of a CPA during the busy season – let me suggest a lobotomy.   That will make the experience more enjoyable.

I am taking a few minutes of break here, to clear my head.  I did a smidge of reading on the web – and would recommend the following for anyone wanting to get a good take on the present crisis facing our world and our children.  Thomas Sowell Article.

I’m sending out some XXX’s and OOO’s to Kathy – who is really patient with me this time of year.  Thank you God, for her and for giving her patience!

So, just to make sure I am not alone in the world – I’ll solicit responses to the following:

Give me your top five songs of all-time, using lyrical content as the measuring stick.

Is John Calvin in Heaven?

February 8, 2006

I read a very interesting post on the Founders website. Read it and give me your thoughts, if you will.

Read Me


February 4, 2006

Each year about this time, I get to thinking about ways to get my boys interested in football. I don’t just mean watching, I mean playing. Smash-mouth, high speed, dive and sacrifice your body football.

And it ain’t because of the Super Bowl. To me, the Super Bowl is an afterthought.

It’s because of recruiting. Most of you know that I have a disproportionate affection for college football, specifically Georgia Bulldog football. Each year about this time, I get excited to see the names and the specs on each of the recruits who sign up for a football schollie at UGA.

This year’s class, highlighted by many great recruits including Matthew Stafford (a stud QB out of Texas), is one of Georgia’s best ever. Giggle, giggle (like a little school-kid). Just thought I’d share that with ya.

Nite, nite.