Please pray…

Our boy Schultzie's brother-in-law (Tracy's little brother) was involved in a serious motorcycle accident.  He is on his way to Grady Hospital, if he has not already arrived.  I do not know his condition.

He is a brave young man who recently served in Iraq.  His wife was also involved in the accident – she is not at Grady – but at another hospital – and I believe her condition is not as serious.

Please pray for Tracy's brother Matt.  Pray for healing, for his comfort, for Tracy's comfort, pray for his wife, pray that the body of Christ will come together for them during this time – and that the glory of the Lord would be seen in what is to us a horrible circumstance.

Kevin and Tracy, we love you – you are in our thoughts and prayers. 

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2 Comments on “Please pray…”

  1. guiroo Says:

    sounds like the reports are favorable

  2. kevinschultz Says:

    For an update, Matt and Samantha were at home resting the next day (Matt was kept overnight for observation). Matt had a broken shoulder bone, nose, and L4 disc. Samantha got some cuts and bruises.

    Matt tried to miss a pothole but his back tire on the motorcycle caught it and some gravel and bucked. He was traveling with a group and only a few miles away from his home in Jefferson GA (Jackson County).

    Between my brother’s accident in ’91, my dad’s in 2000, and this one, I may never ride a street bike again. The cost for my family is way too high.

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