You Have Got To Be Kidding

Here is yet another example of the lunacy rampant in our cultures.

Love to the Lobster

Maybe the pro-baby murder abortionists are just trying to save those babies from children tapping on the expectant mom's belly.


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2 Comments on “You Have Got To Be Kidding”

  1. bulldawgy Says:


    I am reminded of Romans 1:21-23-futile thinking and foolish dark hearts!! It is only by God’s grace that we are able to think clearly about issues like these and not misprioritize lobsters over babies or confues truth with lies. May God continue to grant us clear thinking-not for it’s own sake, but for His glory as we process issues such as these.

  2. kevinschultz Says:

    I noticed in the article they will still carry lobster, as long as it was mistreated behind closed doors before it got to the store where no customers would see the bad deeds, only the convenience of lobster.

    I see a strange parallel to the abortion industry and head marketer – planned parenthood.

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