Previously on 24

The Gadfly has a very interesting post you should read.  It is rather lengthy, but very telling.  If you have 15 minutes, read it and enjoy.

What Would Jack Bauer Do? 

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One Comment on “Previously on 24”

  1. kevinschultz Says:

    If you keep reading blogs like this, you will learn to be more subtle than a jack-hammer. Get it? Jack-hammer.

    Seriously, Alan has a great point. In the search for some reason to make Jesus relevant to the culture (as if he isn’t already) He gets brought down to man’s level. I know that is why I like Matt Redman’s “Facedown” release. It’s focus is reverence.

    This Jesus dude stuff reminds me of a part of the movie “Dogma” my friend told me about. They say in the movie that Jesus has a marketing problem with the cross and the blood and stuff. So to replace the crucifix and gain a bigger following, they come up with the “Jesus Buddy”. Just search for that in google images to catch a look.

    Did the emergent church know they were being made fun of before they even caught steam?

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