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February 4, 2006

Each year about this time, I get to thinking about ways to get my boys interested in football. I don’t just mean watching, I mean playing. Smash-mouth, high speed, dive and sacrifice your body football.

And it ain’t because of the Super Bowl. To me, the Super Bowl is an afterthought.

It’s because of recruiting. Most of you know that I have a disproportionate affection for college football, specifically Georgia Bulldog football. Each year about this time, I get excited to see the names and the specs on each of the recruits who sign up for a football schollie at UGA.

This year’s class, highlighted by many great recruits including Matthew Stafford (a stud QB out of Texas), is one of Georgia’s best ever. Giggle, giggle (like a little school-kid). Just thought I’d share that with ya.

Nite, nite.