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And now to the surface for a sip of air….

February 14, 2006

Whew!  Lots of work to do this time of year.  If anyone ever wants to experience the wonderful world of a CPA during the busy season – let me suggest a lobotomy.   That will make the experience more enjoyable.

I am taking a few minutes of break here, to clear my head.  I did a smidge of reading on the web – and would recommend the following for anyone wanting to get a good take on the present crisis facing our world and our children.  Thomas Sowell Article.

I’m sending out some XXX’s and OOO’s to Kathy – who is really patient with me this time of year.  Thank you God, for her and for giving her patience!

So, just to make sure I am not alone in the world – I’ll solicit responses to the following:

Give me your top five songs of all-time, using lyrical content as the measuring stick.