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May 30, 2006

We had a grand time yesterday playing softball at Ocee Park.  I have always loved softball and baseball – and have been pretty intense about playing and doing well when playing.  

Yesterday, in the first inning – I got caught off of second base on a fly out to center and had to scramble back to the bag.  Instinctively, I slid into the bag to beat the throw.  Unfortunately for me, I was wearing shorts – and the infield dirt was like, well, Pat Dirrim called it 100 grit sandpaper…..

So, for the next two hours, I looked like a warrior from Braveheart with blood running down my leg.  It was cool for awhile – but today, well, today it hurts like crazy.  Plus – I've got to put bandages on it to keep it from sticking to my pants – H2O2 to help keep it clean and infection free… a mess.  But I am still glad that I played ball.

Seems like sometimes, my first intincts in relational reaction are as bad as the slide.  How many times have I instinctively reacted to a situation or person in a manner that may have made me feel okay at the time, but ultimately it hurt.  It hurt me because it was sinful – and known sin in my life causes me pain – but it was also hurtful to the other person.

When that stuff happens, it requires lots of bandages – and clean up – all painful, but very necessary for spiritual health.  Confession to our Father in heaven and to our brothers and sisters in Christ, while not always pleasant, is what is commanded of us – and is what should pour out of the heart and soul of one found in Christ.

So I ask:  God, change my instincts to be those that will be pleasing to You and keep reminding me of when I fail you.